Sharon Rodgers

Sharon Rodgers, Accounts Payable

"I thought at first I had been dreaming and wondered if I had even gotten a telephone call," says Sharon Rodgers, the one in charge of calling everyone in the Medical Arts East building to notify them of the fire. Rodgers got her phone call around midnight. She couldnít believe what had happened and went to check her caller-ID, to be sure she had really received the call. An hour later, John Knight called to confirm the information. He told Rodgers to meet at 8 a.m. that morning in the University Services Building. She stayed awake the rest of the night in efforts to catch her staff early that morning before they got ready for work.

That morning, she reported to work to start on the Disaster Contingency Plan. Rodgers directed the staff and helped them make the move to the lab in Frye Building the next day. The group was allowed into their office to retrieve their personal belongings, and unfortunately, Rodgers found irreplaceable photos of her grandchildren that had been ruined.

Even without the fire setback, November and December are already one of accounts payable's busiest times of the year. They had lost everything they needed to carry out everyday tasks, and "We had to completely start anew with the purchasing of all office supplies," she says. Despite the setbacks, the staff managed to meet "Prompt Pay" for that month.

Rodgers thanks everyone in the Frye Building who put up with 12 extra people, and the smoky, smelly papers that they were able to recover. "There was comfort in food! What an exceptionally nice group of people, in the Frye Building and on campus, who pitched right in to help us out, in many ways!"

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